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  • Darjeeling

    Darjeeling is the town tucked away from the northeast part of India and personifies the word old world charm with modernity and serenity. Darjeeling is the peace and romance prevailing valley for honeymooners as well as backpackers. This one of the best romantic places to visit in India is famous for its enchanting natural beauty. Unlike the other Himalayan hill stations, Darjeeling holds different appeal because the state is crowned from the Kanchenjunga. From heavenly monasteries to beautiful sunset points and soaking vibrant culture, things to do in Darjeeling are lots of. To sum up, that element, keep reading if you want to get to know the best knowledge on Darjeeling honeymoon packages.

    Alright, But Why Go To Darjeeling For Honeymoon?

    If you're married weeks or days past, and always planning to resolve the destination for love, then Darjeeling could be a superb thing. Wondering why? The place is found at an altitude of 6812 feet and is sandwiched between Nepal and Bhutan. While taking a tour of scenic green tea plantations is the significant addition in Darjeeling itinerary, however, there's more to find in Darjeeling than simply only tea. Curious to know? Continue reading!